Office No. 615 Al-Qadir Heights, New Garden Town, Lahore.

Legal Affairs

Health related legal affairs

Integrated health solutions international (IHSI) have a very professional legal team to address all sort of health related regal issues. The uniqueness about our legal team is that they have medical background with expertise in law.

Our salient services are:

  • We provide the Legal services for health care professionals regarding their complaints against their patients/clients or healthcare facilities.
  • Patient’s complaints relating to health care
  • Preparation of Legal Contracts with business and non-business entities.
  • Disputes between employer and employees.
  • Tax planning, filling of income tax, sales tax returns and withholding statements
  • Handling of tax audit and appeals before Commissioners and Appellate Tribunals.
  • Litigation in higher and lower courts including Session court, High court and Supreme Court.
  • All legal matters relating to security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
Integrated Health Care Solution (IHSI)